Dr. Manoharan is a passionate and experienced laser dermatologist. He specialises in cutting-edge combination treatments that improve the quality of life of his patients. His clinics only use gold-standard devices and techniques, resulting in world class treatments based here in Brisbane, Australia.

With any surgery or injury to the skin, the result will inevitably be scarring in some form. It is the development of these scars that are unpredictable in size and appearance from one person to the next. We suggest visiting us while the scar is still young as early scar treatments often provide the best outcomes. However, in Dr. Manoharan’s experienced hands, you’ll see improvement in scars of any age.


Acne Scars

Laser treatments are regularly the best option for treating acne scars, in combination with surgical and non-surgical treatments.  Dr Manoharan combines his dermatology expertise with his extensive experience in treating acne scars to provide life changing results for his patients. Read more


Surgical Scars

Dr Manoharan works closely with a range of surgeons to provide fast and effective revision of all types of post surgical scars including skin cancer surgeries, facelifts, implants, tummy tucks, transplants and mastectomies. Read more



Burns are traumatic and can have a large effect on a person’s life.  Dr Manoharan takes great pride in treating burns with the Lumenis CO2 laser, which provides outstanding revision for burns patients. Read more!


Traumatic Scars

Traumatic scarring results from a significant, and often sudden, injury to the skin. The sources of the injury can include household burns, animal bites, sharp objects that penetrate the skin and friction or scraping. Read more!